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Brothers In Arms

A Powerful profile piece on HOH Co-Founders Everett Weston and Patrick Bolchoz, Operation: Heal Our Heroes, and how it all started. Stamford Magazine details the tragic ending to former U.S. Army CPT Francis “Franky” Kim’s life, and how the meeting of Weston and Bolchoz at Franky’s funeral ignited the beginning of a new chapter in his memory.

Exclusive Interview with Everett Weston

CBS Radio interviews HOH co-Founder Everett Weston on his experience in the Army, life as a veteran, and how people can help on this Veterans Day. “You can start by saying, ‘Thank you for your service!’”

Celebrity Sightings: HOH’s First Annual Call To Arms Gala

America’s Got Talent finalist Emily West serenaded the crowd at the first annual Operation: Heal Our Heroes Gala.

HOH Survivor Series Montauk 5K Race: A Look At What You Missed

Guest of a Guest takes a look inside the HOH Survivor Series: Montauk 5K Race held at Eddie Ecker County Park in Montauk, NY in August 2016. What went down, participants in attendance, and who won.

Operation: Heal Our Heroes Presents Its Inaugural Survivor Series: Montauk 5K Race

Montauk local and former Marine Sergeant John Behan, who lost both his legs during the Vietnam War, served as the honorary race starter of theSurvivor Series: Montauk5K Race. Participants traversed the trails around Edward Ecker County Park, and spent the morning competing in team-building activities revolving around fitness and community involvement.

Operation: Heal Our Heroes Hosts First Ever Gala

Joonbug takes a look inside HOH’s First Ever Gala detailing what went down and who was there.

A Weekend Of Teamwork, Sweat And Pride

It was a weekend of teamwork, sweat and pride as Operation: Heal Our

Heroes hosted its inaugural Survivor Series: Montauk 5K Race on Saturday, August 20, 2016 in Montauk, NY. 

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